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Department of Communication

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication follows the educational goals of the school and the department, and has the following characteristics:

First, plan the "Flat Media Group", "Electronic Media Group", "Advertising Public Relations Group" three university groups, respectively, to train the plane, electronic media and advertising public relations talents, the teaching staff are all graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, and With a wealth of media experience, each teacher has a high degree of teaching enthusiasm.

Second, the interaction between teachers and students is good, the overall atmosphere is harmonious and harmonious, and the students' self-governing society, the Bio-Calli, the Lanyang News, and the Lanyang Communication Publications are under the guidance of teachers.

Third, long-term cooperation with top domestic communication companies, student internship units include Human Life Report, Human TV, Zhongguang, Zhengyin Radio, etc. Students have a variety of internship opportunities.

Fourth, the "Digital Broadcasting and Television Studio" has radio, TV studios and guides, editing equipment, etc., to improve the new working environment, and to be in line with the industry, students can apply the theory of communication to practical operations.

Fifth, in line with the university's extensive and comprehensive general education, develop a communication talent with humanistic qualities. The general education program of the school provides students with basic ability training, humanities and art, the door of nature and technology, and the world's major civilizations. Cultural science and other fields.

Sixth, pay attention to small class teaching, teacher-student ratio is very low, pay attention to student counseling, each teacher has a research room, scheduled time to meet with students regularly, to solve the problem of academic life to guide career planning.

Seventh, teachers and students often undertake the communication design, filming and public relations work of the school. They often participate in actual shooting or recording of competition films during extracurricular time, strengthen practical experience, and enhance students' video implementation opportunities and participate in competitions under the guidance of teachers. Honor.

Eighth, attach importance to English education, and hire American scholars to serve as teachers in the dissemination of English. Other teachers also designed and introduced English textbooks in the content of the lesson plans to enhance students' English literacy and international outlook.

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