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Department of Cultural Assets and Reinvention

Department of Cultural Assets and Reinvention

Since August 1997, the department has been enrolling students. Although it is still very young, it has been carefully managed and has passed the university evaluation of the Ministry of Education in 1998. It has been recognized by experts and scholars in terms of teachers, equipment and teaching planning.

The innovative use of cultural assets is the key to the next wave of economic gains, and it is also the most promising area at present. All countries in the world are actively developing and need manpower input. The department masters the world trend, and the curriculum design emphasizes multiple abilities. In addition to the theoretical courses, it also focuses on practical training, such as: popular culture, cultural and creative design, multimedia digital design, cultural industry management and marketing management. Internship courses are arranged every summer to enhance students' practical ability and help students establish relationships with the industry early to facilitate job hunting or further education. The department has bachelor's and master's classes, and plans to develop a regular education. Students with good grades can start their master's degree courses in the fourth year of university and enter the advanced pipeline early.

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