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Nothing to think about, no fear, the FGU production media design and creation exhibition debut!

  • 2019-06-19
  • ctc

(Foguang University/Report) The exhibition of the Department of Product and Media Design at Foguang University, on June 14th, the fifth warehouse of Songshan Wenchuang Park was debuted. This exhibition is based on the theme of no fear, no fear, and shows the production media. The results of the ninth, tenth and eleventh students in the current academic year represent the students who are brave enough to try new things and create fearlessness for the public through unconstrained but meticulous thinking during design activities and study. Design works. A lot of parents poured into the scene to cheer and inspire their children! President of Foguang University, Yang Chaoxiang, Vice President Liu Sanqi, and the Academy of Sciences, thank you Yuan Fu, Director of the Production Media Department, Zhang Zhisheng, Director of Guangdong University of Technology, Dongguan University of Technology, Pan Changyu, Dongguan Vocational and Technical College, Yi Xiqiong, Dongguan Vocational and Technical College, Zhong Rong, Vice President Zhan Yawen of the International Department of Buddhism, and Executive Director Wang Weijia, the sheltered workshop of the staff of the Taipei Veterans Hospital, attended the event.

     Yang Chaoxiang, president of Foguang University, said that the Department of Production and Media of Foguang University has always been very eye-catching. Although the age is very light, the results are very good and there are countless awards. This year, the students of the University of Buddhism were even included in the German Red Dot Concept Design Award 24, Golden Point. The 12-year-old rookie design award is a very strong department. This time, the Department of Production and Media of Foguang University exhibited a special work from the first to the third grade. In the dazzling results of the works, we can see the strength of the students, and it also represents the hard work of the teachers. I believe that after the employment of future students, the future must be unlimited.

     Xie Yuanfu, dean of the School of Creative and Technological Sciences at Fo Guang University, also said, "Art is life, design comes from humanity!" We also hope that young students can brighten their amateurs and look for their own metamorphosis from the amateur process. In the thousands of times and hundreds of quenching chains, we can find inspiring works!

      Zhang Zhisheng, director of the Department of Production and Media at Foguang University, said that the four-day exhibition has more than 6,000 exhibitions. This time, thousands of design works are ingenuity and creation of students from grades one to three. The students spent several months. Time and effort to make the work perfect. For the school to add a number of equipment in the future, thank the principal and vice president for their support of the production media department, and also appeal to students to play and use. In the 108-year school year, the media design department established the transportation design course. He also asked the students to evaluate that they are willing to make more efforts in the design of transportation. They can be more sophisticated and grow in all aspects, and they will be able to grow in the future. There is better development. In addition, starting this year, we will open 20 independent enrollment places, graduate from high school and high vocational education, and welcome students who are interested in design. For details, please go to the official website of the Department of Production and Media of Foguang University.