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Buddha Light and Photographs Without Borders Buddha and Nanshan International Information Volunteers Go to Myanmar

  • 2019-07-04
  • ctc

(Foguang University/Reporter) Recently, Foguang University and Nanshan High School students formed an information volunteer service team. On July 2, they went to the “East Campus” and “South Campus” of the Mandalay Confucius School in Myanmar for volunteer service. He was warmly welcomed by President Yin Zhengrong, Executive Vice Chairman of the Mandalay Confucian School in Myanmar, and the principals of the East and South Campuses.

         This time, the volunteers were divided into two teams. The first team was led by Zhan Yuzong, director of the Department of Information Application at Foguang University, and the second team was led by Nanshan High School Huang Yixin and ASUS volunteer Chen Tingyu. Information volunteer services are provided at the East Campus and the South Campus.

        The Department of Information Applied Science of Foguang University went to the Confucius School for the second year. Due to the good reputation of the previous courses, this year's registration was very active. The theme of this year's course is the presentation of software and electronic spreadsheets, which attracted more than 140 teachers and students. At the scene, a 71-year-old teacher took the course seriously. Nanshan High School and Asustek Computer are teaching audio and video on the South Campus and teaching the electronic spreadsheet. In the afternoon, special consultations were provided for the course. The group's Foguang youth Cai Yuyu, as well as the students of Foguang University and Nanshan High School, specially designed a series of group activities for 40 early childhood students.

     Principal Huang Shumei, the “East Campus” of the Confucius Institute in Mandalay, Myanmar, expressed his special thanks to the volunteer team of Foguang University and Nanshan High School for bringing such services. Last year, they also received regenerative notebooks sponsored by ASUS Computer. The school cherishes this. Resources, so that teachers and students who are interested in learning computers can also have the opportunity to use laptops.

        Zhan Yuzong, head of the Department of Information Application at Fo Guang University, said that he would like to thank the overseas Chinese schools for providing opportunities for Buddhist university students. This week, Foguang Information Volunteer Team will continue to provide information courses services for various overseas Chinese schools in Confucius Schools including Eastern District, Southern District, North District and New City. It will be moved to Phaung da woo Monastic Education High School next week. .