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Taiwan's first place! Lai Guanjie, the literary department of the University of Buddhism, entered the light boat racing World Cup

  • 2019-07-16
  • ctc

(Foguang University/Reporter) Lai Guanjie, a senior student of the Department of Literature and Finance at Foguang University, won the ninth place in the second group of the 2019 light boat racing World Cup this year, and performed well. It became the first light boat racing in the country to win international competitions. The player with the best score. Lin Zimiao, the county magistrate, said that Lai Guanjie’s outstanding achievements have made Taiwan’s Yilan famous internationally. Today (2), the county magistrate specially presented the award before the county conference to encourage him, and the second mother who grew up with Lai Guanjie was Yu Wenjun. And the enlightenment coach Liao Xueyu also attended the moment to witness the glorious moment.
When Lai Guanjie was studying at Wu Shazhong, he began training the light boat project and became a very good sports talent. Later, I went to the university with the qualifications of the physical insurance student. Originally, I worked with the light boat. Therefore, Lai Guanjie chose to go to the university night department. Every morning, she set off for boating in Longtan Lake, and then went to class at night. Later, because of the time relationship, she was too hard to finish school. At the same time, even more aware of the mother's end of cancer, the challenges that followed, let Lai Guanjie once to give up the idea of ​​a light boat.
Under the circumstance, Associate Professor Wu Liangmin of Foguang University learned about Guan Jie’s situation. After many college athletes entered the university, they often blocked the students’ sports talents because they did not have a fairly adequate environment. Associate professors have helped me to transfer to the Department of Cultural Assets and Creative Studies at Foguang University. This year, she will enter the fourth year of university.
When Lai Guanjie shared the glory of the award, he suddenly burst into tears. He remembered the mother who had passed away. Therefore, he was especially grateful to the people who accompanied him on the road. Thank you for the cultivation of the coach. Thanks to the support and encouragement of Foguang University, he can No worries during the game, the journey to the dream is going all the way!
Lin Andi, head of the public relations team at Foguang University, said that he is very grateful to Lai Guanjie for his outstanding performance. He will travel to Romania from August 1st to 4th to participate in the "World Youth U18 & U23 Light Boat Racing Championship" and August 21st to 25th. Japan will travel to Hungary to participate in the "2019 World Light Boat Racing Championship" and will also participate in the selection of the national team in the "National Light Boat Racing Championship" in Taitung County. Buddhism hopes to provide students with sports expertise with a peace of mind to learn from the environment and to show their talents.