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Pianist Li Guoyuan and her friends appeared at the University of Foguang Art Festival

  • 2019-06-25
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(Foguang University/Reporting) The semester is coming to an end, and the pace of learning and participating in art and literature has not been interrupted. 2019 Foguang University Art Season - The final event of the Music Salon event, invited Li Guoyuan and her friends to perform "The Afternoon Toon and Tango" on June 4th, with the piano and violin and soprano performance, let the teachers and students a Full of happiness. The performance was attended by audiences inside and outside the school, which made the campus of Buddhism full of art. The music feast met the senses and hearts of the teachers and students of the school.

The school's arts and cultural activities were planned by the Dean of the School of Creative and Technical Technology, Mr. Xie Yuanfu. This is the fourth artistic performance held by Foguang University this semester. The first three performances will be held for the 228th holiday of the Minghua Garden drama "Come and Come Again". In April, the "Taipei 16th Choir" performed the "Chinese Aibella" Chinese and English songs and the Ye Shuhan copper tube quintet in May, which caused considerable repercussions. With a monthly performance of art and cultural activities, the semester is coming to an end, and the performances are more exciting than one.

     The performance was attended by about 50 teachers and students from Jiaoxi Elementary School and Sijieguo. The four-nation country principal Lin Biao also personally participated. After the speech by Vice President Liu and the introduction of the host Wang Yating, the performer Li Guoyuan began to introduce the performers and performances. The performers included Huang Lijin, who is a slut of the lyrics, Jian Xiangjun of the violin, Ou Yiqin of the piano and Huang Yuwen. The performances of the performances were opened in a four-handed piano. The four different tracks were played under the two-player rotation of Li Guoyuan, Ou Yiqin and Huang Yuwen, the three pianists, followed by vocal and piano performances. Huang Lijin sang Deliba's "Gaddes Girl" and Planck's "Love Trail". Followed by Huang Yuwen's piano solo, the song is Debusch's "Happy Island."

       The violinist Jane Cheung and the pianist Ou Yiqin performed Chrysler's "Love of Love" and Monti's "Cardas", which set off a high dynasty for the performance. The pianist Huang Yuwen went on to play the "Calcian Variations". The vocalist Huang Lijin and the pianist Ou Yiqin performed Owen Baha's "Song of Kiss" from the singer Orpheus in Hell and the other in Leharhan. Na's "The Song of Velia" is chosen from the widowed widows. Then Li Guoyuan improvised the piano and set off another climax for the performance. Violinist Jian Xiangjun and Pianist Huang Yuwen performed Ponsai "My Little Star" and Piezola's "1930 Cafe", which won a lot of applause from the audience. Finally, there is a trio of vocals, violins and pianos. The performers chose the Hungarian dance of Le Haar, "I listen to the music," and the vocalist Huang Lijin sang a good performance and won the audience. applause.

    2019 Foguang University Art Season "Music Salon Event" also ended the four performances of this semester in the applause of the audience. The teachers and students attending the conference invited each other to participate in this music event in the next semester, and wrote another page for the arts and education of Buddhism.