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Love without borders, FGU should be a charity in Myanmar orphanage

  • 2019-07-14
  • ctc

(Reporting by Department of Information and Applied Science, Fo Guang University) On July 13th, Fo Guang University’s Myanmar International Information volunteers traveled from Mandalay to Yangon Orphanage for more than ten hours. The student volunteer team went directly to the orphanage, followed by health education, cultural exchange, Excel, Arduino information teaching and other courses, and the previous donation of computer remediation and environmental cleaning.

    This orphanage was established by the Taiwanese son-in-law Guo Pastor who called for those who wish to do their best for Myanmar education, medical care, and public welfare. Seeing so many people doing their best for education, Director Zhan Yizong of the Information Department of Foguang University said that the efforts of seeing Pastor Guo and the teacher were really touched, so even if the road is far away, resources should be brought here.
    This year's orphanage is also preparing for the venue for cultural exchanges. It also waits for the arrival of our computer last year, so that when the team arrives at the scene, it can timely carry out the division of teaching, computer rectification, and ditch cleaning. . Among them, the improvement of the ditch is a great challenge for Taiwanese students. The accumulation of waste that has been dumped for dozens of times is unbearable, and now it is the rainy season in Myanmar, so the water is more serious and it is not easy to clean up. At the end of the event, ASUS Regeneration Computer, Arduino textbooks, stationery and other donations are expected. These things are expected to enrich the resources of the orphanage and increase the learning stimulation of the children.